2015-05-14Showing all Lab Updates
All Client.vi(Application) files under UPDATE button and All the Installers under Install button are Updated by VLAB Team.

2014-07-24Showing all Lab Updates
An AC Machine experiment "Determination of Transformer equivalent circuit from Open Circuit and Short Circuit Test" is added to AC Machine Experiments list.

2013-12-09Showing all Lab Updates
VIRTUAL ELECTRICAL MACHINE LAB : Experiment To study Magnetisation Characteristics of DC shunt generator is added to the DC Motor experiments.

2013-09-18Showing all Lab Updates
All update.exe files are updated.

2013-08-13Showing all Lab Updates
All Update.exe files are updated.

2013-05-27Showing all Lab Updates
Experiments added up-to : 1. To determine the efficiency of a dc motor by loss summation method(Swinburne's test). 2. Speed Control of DC motor by varying armature and field resistance. 3. To perform speed control of DC motor by using Ward- Leonard Method of speed control. 4. To study the Load Characteristics of DC shunt generator. 5. speed control of Slip ring induction machine.